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Simplicity and craftsmanship creates dansko nursing shoes

Simplicity and craftsmanship creates dansko nursing shoes

Dansko Nursing Shoes are the shoes made by an employee owned company whose foundation was originated back in 1990 where a husband and a wife teamed up to present the best in comfort and footwear which are mostly known as clogs. Dansko Nursing shoes are the result of a creative vision to help people in their day to day lifestyle to provide comfort to feet in all situation all day long.

Features and facilities

Dansko Nursing Shoes are not just a regular shoes but they are a real craftsman’s work to help improve and help to ease the lifestyle. The shoes were born on a thought that a simple pair of clogs would change life of everyone who wear them. The main feature of the shoes is all day comfort and support. The shoes have seal of acceptance from American Podiatric Medical Association. Dansko Shoes features anatomically moulded arch support, a slightly raised heel and a rocker bottom sole which helps in extra shock absorbency, more stability and comfort to leg and back muscles. Most of the shoes are slip resistant.

How Do They Do It?

As the vision of the dansko says that making shoe is not a business it’s an art form, keeping that in mind they are making every shoe thinking first about the customers’ needs. The design team creates a series of drawing of each shoe style. Each element of the shoe is inspected and verified by hand to find the quality. They choose from thousands of fabrics and leather from all over the world to meet the high standards of dansko. They choose the upper material for the shoe and then start cutting the material and process through some pre-production inspection and few more regular steps of shoe making are adopted. But what makes them stand apart is their final testing which is their walk and wear 30 day long testing before it reached out to the customers to use.

Dansko has become synonym to the word comfort in footwear industry. The shoes they are making are made to keep you going all day long with comfort and relaxed feet on a workday and beyond. The materials they use is selected very carefully and designs are made to match their benchmark standards of comfort. Even after keeping all these in mind the designs of the shoes are well fashionable to match any situation. And it seems that if it is about customers of dansko or it is about the medical association, this pair of a husband ‘Peter Kjellerup’ and a wife ‘Mandy Cabot’ with their passionate employees have created something really comfortable for everyone’s feet and everyone has accepted them very warmly and that shows the success of this global brand.

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