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Step up ala grey legging style

Step up ala grey legging style

 With the onset of summers, comes the options of stepping out in no-fuss, comfortable, breathable yet gorgeous outfits. Tunics and short dresses being the top favorite pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. And what better way to flaunt your curves than a halter tunic in vivid coral print, teamed with a pair of striking, yet comfortable grey leggings. It’s classy, comfortable and uber-chic…this piece of clothing called leggings.

Leggings are a piece of skin-tight fabric to be worn over the legs, by both men and women. Predominantly by women though, men just use it for gymming and sport activity that requires ease of movement and elasticity. Women however, have other more desirable uses for leggings, like teaming them up with long blousons, tunics and sometimes wearing a translucent pair of legging under a short dress for propriety sake as much as for the love of fashion and trends.

The Fabrics used in leggings are made from a blend of lycra (aka Spandex), nylon, cotton or even a polyester blend. Leggings can also be made from fine wool and silk. Leggings have different designs. Mostly ankle-length, but some are stirrupped to encase the feet. The length of the legging varies, full length, ankle length and knee length. You can wear your leggings underneath shorts, a full skirt or a denim short skirt. It is comfortable and often acts as protection against chaffing during rigorous exercise.

Different fabric compositions to get your hands onto when buying grey leggings.

  • Nylon-Lycra blend: the composition is usually 90% nylon and 10% lycra. This kind of high elasticity leggings are generally used in forms of exercise and often termed as running tights. Also they have a shiny glaze appearance and they are a good example of street wear.
  • Cotton-Lycra blend: a blend of cotton-lycra or sometimes, cotton-lycra-polyster is what the fashionistas love. A multitude of colors, vibrant prints are available…but predominantly black, navy and various shades of grey rule the roost!
  • Opaque/Translucent leggings: mostly worn by women underneath a short skirt, or teamed with a long tunic.

How to step out in your grey leggings in full style:

The style depends on your body type. The length depends on your height. Taller women with longer legs can carry off any style with ease. But if you are a petite beauty with shorter legs, avoid the mid-calf length. The Ankle length legging will suit you best. If a woman has heavy calves, then she should stick to full length ankle leggings and not anything smaller than that.

The legging made a comeback in 2005. Now you can pair you grey leggings with oversized, bulky cable knitted sweaters, or underneath skimpy denim skirts or shorts. So what are you waiting for, grab that gorgeous shade of grey legging and whip out a vibrant tunic dress…and you’re all set to let your hair down!

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