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Symbol of military history slouch hat

Symbol of military history slouch hat

The Slouch Hat is a wide brimmed felt or cloth hat which is most commonly used as a part of military uniforms. Slouch hat has a history connected for hundreds of years when the army used to wear these hats in war time with uniforms. The Slouch Hat has been used to be worn in different countries’ military personnel like Australia, Britain, India, New Zealand, The United States of America and many more.

The Hat is primarily associated with Australia as it has been in trend and use since Victorians era and they consider it as national symbol. The hat has different names, as in Australia it is also known as “digger hat” while in The United States, it is known as ‘Kossuth Hat”.

The Slouch hat has received it name from its look that is the one sided drooped down while the other side is pinned against the side of the crown. The hat was mostly used by military personnel but throughout Europe this hat was known as fashionable. The modern hat has been inspired from Corsican Hat which were used by Australian Army in war. This hat features chinstrap in many cases. This hat has been standard ceremonial headdress for members of the army except for those who had separate berets.

As the Hat has been a headdress of high cadre in many countries, it has been treated with utmost respect in different countries. Army man are associated with the hats and their life and life’s important ceremonies were included with this hat. Where in Australia, the origin of the hat was found it was used with some respectable badges on top the hat. The most striking addition by some units was the adornment of the hat with the plumes of various birds, including black cock, eagle, swan and ostrich.

The hat has a simple designing with stitches in its high domed crown and its narrow brim. Its designing was made to help the army men in drills while keeping the rifles up and marching. Mostly the colour of hat used to be brown and different emblems were made on the top front of the hat to signify its value and importance according to place and personnel’s designation.

The hat did went out of fashion at some point of time but then it was again brought back in fashion during the Second World War time. The hat has been inspiration to the nations where they used to wear in the highly important wars. And in today’s modern times as well, even after passing hundreds of years the designs and nature of the hat has remained the same and people’s view about the hat and the respect for those army men has been increased. And this piece of history will remain alive in our life even after hundreds of years.

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