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The carpenter jeans with that extra space for your profession

The carpenter jeans with that extra space for your profession

The term “Carpenter” in jeans is made to depict a specific type of denims, which have multiple pockets in order to carry tools and others durables. Since, carpenters in their profession require numerous tools in day to day routine, thereby this type of jeans are generally called “Carpenter Jeans”. In looks they are baggy and loose circling the legs providing extra space to accommodate any fixtures in the pockets available. The jeans provide full freedom to the wearer to keep his hands free and handy on any of the tool required.

The history of carpenter jeans dates back in 1990s and they were primarily made for professional workers. Though, soon in late 1990s they found their way in the market as a style statement and were even embraced by women. To add further tinge some men and women even emphasized on different coloured paint sprinkles, and pre-affixed toy stuff or faded bandanas. During this period even the famous manufacturing brands in this business presumed the same and smartly used these loops to enhance their brand logos.

Major Inclusions in Carpenter Jeans

The most used fabric to manufacture carpenter jeans is denim primarily however; certain producers have even installed canvas to design them. Furthermore, the most popular colour in this segment has always been blue and some of the other colours which shares substantial demand are Beige, White and Army Khaki style. To suit and accentuate the style quotient of women carpenter jeans borne certain changes explicit for female segment.

  1. Brush Loop;

A brush loop is often also described as hammer loop which generally finds their way on the side seams and back pockets. In certain styles brush loop can even be placed extremely on the mid thighs. As the name personifies, these loops were originally conceived in the design to cater the needs of placing hammer and a pair of brushes. However, in the latter part this feature was more extensively deployed for the fashion quotient. Furthermore, this style has even found its way to the later traditions of shorts and cargo’s.

  1. Extra Pockets;

Carpenter jeans are made with multiple extra pockets with different shapes and sizes to accommodate all tools, which can be as small as a nail or a foot long hammer. Due to presence of extra pockets carpenter jeans are often confused with cargo pants, which are completely different product. As, they do not have any brush loops, wider belt loops or small flaps on the back pockets.

  1. Journey from Men to Women Fashion Acceptance in Carpenter Jeans;

Even the annotated carpenter jeans for men were not suitable for the fashion purpose of women. Thereby, a serrated endeavour was made by its manufactures to target both the genders in the society. With the new look women today, can even wear a carpenter jeans to her office and a party too. Unlike, carpenters women do not have tools to rest in the available pockets however; the tools can be swiftly replaced with their make-up items.

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