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The circle of life, infinity scarf

The circle of life, infinity scarf

Emerging fashion trends never cease to surprise us. With the growing penchant to out do our peers in this fashionable rat race, we often create and re-create style. It is an inherent ability in every individual, to create a signature look for themselves, by adhering to fashion norms and trends that swarm the whole globe. Fashion is no longer limited by geographical, cultural or societal norms. It is very much universal in its approach and acceptance. In fact, fashion is not seasonal any longer either. What might have been originally typical summer wear, has made it into people’s closets long before the winter sale season starts and vice-versa.

Let’s say, adorning a skimpy halter top, which is a typical summer merchandise, under a fitted denim jacket, worn with a pair of boy shorts and teamed up with translucent leggings and high tops, doesn’t really scream either ‘Summer’ or Winter…it is an all-season trend, which is becoming a common favorite with the populace. For instance, one such multi-faceted merchandise that we personally swear by is the Scarf. A scarf is basically nothing but a piece of fabric worn around the neck, over the head and sometimes wrapped over the upper torso. Its uses are also multifold. It can be used solely for adorning purposes, like a well placed accessory to compliment your wardrobe choice, it can be used to give warmth, provide cleanliness and oftentimes, it is used for religious purposes too. A Scarf is predominantly used in uniforms and even in sports. Scarves can also be used like bandanas or Cravats, that totally scream ‘Fashion’

What are scarves? A scarf is also termed as a muffler, neck wrap or Kremer. And it comes in various fabrics, like wool, pashmina, cashmere, silk, cotton and fleece. There were predominantly only three major shapes: Square, Rectangular and Triangular. But recently trending is the new Circle scarf or Infinity scarf and it is the current rage that’s got everyone drooling, literally!. It has a unisex appeal and it is an all season accessory.

What are Circle scarves/infinity scarves? Circle Scarves or Infinity Scarves have different sizes, weaves and fabrics. They can be extremely oversized, or downright tiny, fine and soft or Chunky and Huge. But the secret of the rocking the Infinty scarf differently every time lies in the size and circumference of the scarf.

Ways to wear your Circle Scarf

  • The Classic Style: Drape your scarf over your blouse just like a regular scarf. Don’t twist and wrap it around.
  • Layered: If your scarf is too long, you can drape it over your neck a couple of times to get the layered look.
  • Hooded: You can always wear your infinity scarf like a hood, draped over your head.

So get your hands on that designer infinity scarf and start draping, you might just invent a new style to wear it!!!

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