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The classic pink dresses

The classic pink dresses

Though black and gray are the colours that are popular during all the times of the year and perfect for all types of occasions, there is nothing wrong in trying pink dresses for a change.

The black shades are classy, versatile and very practical indeed. But when everyone wears them it would look more like a uniform. Though outfits in black and gray colours are very popular this season and are easy to wear, it would do nothing to make heads turn towards you as a pink dress would.

Also colours like red would make you stand out but not all individuals look that great in red. Also a person must have a bit of confidence to easily pull off the colour. Red colour outfits would make you look like a vamp, siren or a fire engine. Hence it is best to try a pink dress if you don’t want to be mistaken for a movie star and look better than a uniform-clad woman.

Pink colours and similar jewel tones have become fashionable in the recent times. Pink dress would perfectly complement the black and gray colours as well.

You need not follow the same trend that everyone follows and hence make heads turn with this pretty colour which flatters the women. Another hot look in the current trend is the pink dresses in a retro style. Women with warmer skin tones would look elegant and fabulous in flamingo pink dresses whereas the women who have cool skin tones will look great in fuschia pink dresses.

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