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The history of a seersucker suit

The history of a seersucker suit

Seersucker is a material which is made by weaving a unique type of lightweight cotton in a way that it gives a bumpy appearance to the suits. The word seersucker means milk and sugar as the material consists of stripes that are smooth like milk and rough like sugar.

Seersucker suits were first worn by the laborers during British colonial period as the material used is so soft which could keep workers cool in hot weather. Seersucker suits were first brought in United States and were worn by men working in factories and industries. These suits were only preferred by blue collar workers and not by the middle and the upper class. Joseph Haspel created the first seersucker suit in 1909 with the idea of creating something that could be worn by workers in hot and sunny weather. After that seersucker suits gained popularity and was most commonly worn by college students. But then with the advent of air conditioners these lightweight suits become less popular and so their usage declined sharply.

Nowadays seersucker suits do not get a lot of love and it is only due to its old fashioned reputation. However wearing such suits has its own functional benefits and these includes that it can keep individuals cool in hot summers, also these suits can be washed easily.

Since the fabric used is so good and comfortable it is too expensive. And these traditional seersucker suits can only be manufactured by few specialized workers which means that it is difficult to get the tradition seersucker touch these days.

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