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The one that goes the long way: denim high waisted shorts

The one that goes the long way: denim high waisted shorts

Want to be comfortable in the summers, but also want to show off that sexy pair of legs? Then shorts are a must have for you. There are various types of shorts that are available for women nowadays, like Bermudas, boy shorts, cargo, cut-offs, dressy shorts, tailored shorts, athletic shorts, short shorts, high waisted shorts etc. Length of women’s shorts can vary from knee length, mid thigh, to rolled up and short. Here we are going to talk about denim high waisted denim shorts.

Why go for denim shorts?

First of all, denim is that one fabric that you can count on, always. Even if frayed or too much used, it gets softer and softer. It lasts long for years. It will be your best friend, even if you don’t take care of it properly. That’s why even though we see a lot of new kinda shorts in different fabrics; you’ll see that denim is probably the most worn around fabric.

What are high waisted shorts?

High waisted shorts are one of those kinds of clothing which has seen ups and downs in fashion industry for decades. These start at little over your love handles and can be till your mid thigh or a little up than that. These appeal to women of all ages and times, also they usually look good on any body type, if worn in proper fashion. The various kind of high waisted shorts are:

  1. Lacy shorts: these have hems with laces on them.
  2. Frayed shorts: the hems are frayed just like cutoffs.
  3. Rolled denim: where the hems are rolled up, gives a snuggly fitting image, makes legs look longer.
  4. Braided shorts: in this there is braiding on the pockets and hems.
  5. Patched shorts: there are patches of denim all over the leg of the shorts.

How to wear these shorts properly:

  1. Go for these shorts only if you have a tall torso.
  2. Team these up with a tucked in blouse or fancy button down shirt.
  3. Ballerina flats would definitely elongate your legs, or you could go for ankle and knee kevel boots, which would definitely make even a drab shorts look sexy.
  4. Go for shorts with a side zip, to give you that extra slimming effect.
  5. And if you have narrow hips, then go for the one with pocket detailing, because only you can carry it.
  6. You can clinch the waist of your short with a brighter belt if you have a slim waist and wnt to show it off. On the contrary, if you are a little bulky in the wait area, then go for a belt with same color tone, it would fit in seamlessly.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Go and grab a pair of these little sexies for yourself, today!!!

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