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The popularity of the man bag

The popularity of the man bag

Today in this contemporary world, man bags are said to be an essential part of the menswear collection. The sale of a man bag has been increased significantly in the past 5-6 years. One of the most important reason for the growing sales of man bags is that the offices are seen to be mobilized, one needs to carry their lap tops, i pads and other devices that won’t fit in one’s jacket so carrying a hand bag can actually make their work and particularly life easier. Just like female bags, man bags also come in variety of designs and colors and not just typical black and brown color. The most commonly used man bags are the branded ones with the designer logo. These are preferred the most as they are easier to carry and also look classy.

When Mark Carney the governor of the bank of England gave his first big speech he was actually carrying a boxy leather soft-sided grey man bag trimmed in black with long handles. He started this trend of carrying man bags in public. Initially these man bags encountered a lot of criticisms as it gives a girly look but with time it became a fashion trend as top brands started selling these expensive man bags. Also a man Bag has a lot of uses. First of all the pockets of skinny jeans and the suit wears worn by majority of the men are so small that cannot even carry a mobile phone so here man bags plays an essential role.

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