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Tips for wearing black ankle boots

Tips for wearing black ankle boots

There have been many discussions concerning the ankle boots trend. Despite the fact that many women consider them to look chunky and bulk, these shoes continue being trendy. Here are the main rules for wearing black ankle boots in a stylish way.

Jeans vs leggings

Skinny jeans will look awesome with a simple T-shirt and your new boots. If you tuck jeans into the shoes, the legs will look longer. Besides, you can make your ankles look slim, creating the gap between trousers and boots. You can achieve by cuffing the hem. Moreover, you can wear leggings. Legs will look long and slim.

Trendy socks

Don’t be afraid to show your socks. Using the right colors, you’ll create the best look. However, forget about wearing socks over jeans. You don’t need to look bulky.


You may look beautiful and feminine, wearing black ankle boots. One of the ways to do it is to combine boots with a black pencil skirt and a pair of black tights. In order to make this monochromatic look more interesting, put on a colorful blouse. Now you’ve got a classy look.

Lots of colors

You will look awesome if you combine different colors. Put on colorful tights or leave your legs bare. Wear skirts that are above your knees. Don’t be afraid to wear dresses. However, make sure you’ve got the balance of colors and materials.

Black ankle boots make you look fashionable. They become an interesting addition to different outfits. Moreover, they are comfortable.

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