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Transformation of sweatpants

Transformation of sweatpants

Sweatpants were invented in 1920. It is made up of closely knitted cotton or polyester jersey fabric. It was formerly used to be in a gray color, but now many companies are making it in many colors.


Previously, many athletes also used to wear it. Moreover, sweatpants were used for exercise purpose. These pants are also known as jogging pants or tracking bottoms. But these sweatpants are now used for exercise purpose as well as to relax in a comfortable piece of bottom at home.

These pants are made up of soft jersey fabric making it more comfortable to wear it whole day long and for carrying out your daily routine chores or resting on your couch on a weekend. After a long tiring day at office, putting on your sweatpants feels great and a sigh of relief from an all day formal dress code.

The comfy sweatpants do great for its hereditary use of working out in a gym or going out for a long walk and/or jogging on a long track. These pants are also great, if you are planning to go out for a shopping and want to shop around with an ease.

Moreover, if you want to hang out with friends or going to visit some relatives out there and feeling lazy to get dressed up. Then, just pair up your comfy with a good top either shirt or a loose baggy style tee will do its work. It will also look great to have a jacket or cardigan on it.

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