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Trendy extra wide calf boots

Trendy extra wide calf boots

The fashion of calf boots has been in season since many years but certain issues that arise while wearing such boots is their width, as a remedy, now extra wide calf boots are present in the market. These extra wide calf boots are not only comfortable but also enhance a sleek and trendy outlook of your shoes. They are also available in various designs and styles, many such designs include the following:


This design has 19” long shaft height along with a 17-19” circumference. Other features include a suede-like upper with a back supported with elastic to increase the comfort. It also has a full length zipper and a flexible and skid-resistant grip. These boots provide a cushioned heel which is 1 ¾” covered.


This style supports a 12-15” height and a 17-19” circumference with full inside zipper and an internal elastic back which enhances the comfort. Frankie calf boots are also designed with a skid-resistant and flexible grip and comfortable heel which allows these shoes to be suitable for all occasions.


Features supported by this design include a 15”shaft height and a 17-19” shaft circumference, full length inner zip, elastic gore for increased comfort, comfort padding, leather covering and 1” heel which is easy to walk on with skid-resistance.

All these designs provide the user with increased ease and comfort while walking with an extra inch or more for added comfy feel. Many other designs are also included in this category which include; monica wide calf boots, melody bootie, rita full-length leather wide calf boot, Shawna styled wide boots and sherry wide calf boots etc.

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