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Types of Men’s Blazers

Types of Men’s Blazers

Blazers reflect men’s personality. Men wear it in offices, marriages, party and so on. Men’s blazers come in different styles and colors. No doubt, black is the elegant color but nowadays colored blazers like maroon, blue, royal blue etc are in fashion. Here we bring you the list of best men’s blazers.

Unstructured blazer

The unstructured blazer is for those men who don’t have any proper workplace or they want to prefer a relaxed approach to incredible style. These men’s blazer moulid to the body and boast less rigid shape. One can add front pockets, lack of lining, exposed seams, multiple buttons, in contrast, color.


Men who like to work and look stylish at the same time, then structure blazer are meant for those men. These blazers are fit to wear and maximize the body shape with the linings and padding. These men’s blazer require quality fabric engineering.

Red Blazer

Red men’s blazer are for those who love to party with friends or relatives. Red blazer will add fire to your wardrobe. Combining red blazer with greenish trouser for a wild night out will make your stylish look.

White Blazer

In summers, white blazer is a must for all men. This white colored blazer will reflect Heat and goes well with navy pleated pants or other nautical hues for the night or cherry cropped chinos for the days.

Blue Blazer

The navy blazer is the most versatile for work and corporate events, pair it with crisp tee or button shirt, white or grey trousers and tan brogues.

Cotton Blazer

If you want to relax then go for cotton blazers as it breathes well.  Blend cotton blazer with wool and polyester, silk adjusting the quality of the fabric.

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