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Types of mid calf boots

Types of mid calf boots

Mid Calf Boots are very much famous nowadays. They are functional as well as stylish. They offer a huge comfort and support for both men and women. They are also known as the winter shoes as they cover the foot, ankle and the lower part of the leg. Some of the mid calf boots come with the heel and a zipper. At the beginning they were made up of rubber or leather but nowadays they are available in so many different materials and styles.


Below mentioned are few of the types of the mid calf boots. All of the types are functional as well as stylish. In presence of so many types, you will surely be able to find one that fits your needs.

Cowboy boots:

The common name of these boots is the riding boots. They are mostly made up of leather. They are the traditional shoes and are modified with time as well. The cowboy boots are surely a positive fashion statement.

Dr. Martens Boots:

The boots are famous for their yellow stitching and the unique shape. The name has been given to these shoes because of the creator. Dr. Marten created these boots during world war 2.

Ugg Boots:

These boots are made up of the sheep skin and are very much comfortable and warm. They are equally beneficial in all the weather conditions.

The other types of the mid calf boots include the wellington boots, fashion boots and the rigger boots.

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