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Uses of h belt:

Uses of h belt:

The H belt means the Hermes Belt that is used in the networking industry for the purpose of bringing together the different work pieces of various shapes into a single design by belt grinding them. It has got a lot of characteristics regarding their offering flexibility. They have got significant benefits as compared to the bonded abrasives due to their elastic backing element. The methods include the hand held grinding of the turbine blades, the semi-automatic grinding of belts to the copy spanners and the fully automatic CNC grinding of belt for shaping the implants of alloys made of titanium or other brass made sanitary fittings. Hermes belt has got the solution by having the abrasives with different flexibilities and type structures that can perfectly adapt themselves for suiting the materials for machining.

It has got the following benefits:

  • It is suitable to generate the satin affected steel surfaces that are stainless.
  • The belts are extremely soft, flexible, elastic and abrasive and can adapt themselves according to the various contours and shapes.
  • They have got the grinding patterns that are very fine.
  • There is low removal rate of the abrasive webs.
  • The shape of the work piece does not change.
  • Are used for the finest grinding of sheets and coils of stainless steel.
  • Used for surface grinding of brass, copper and aluminum sheets.
  • Suitable for both the wide belt grinders and stroke grinders’ webrax.
  • They have got very fine and smooth grinding patterns.

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