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Vintage wedding dresses for a royal princess

Vintage wedding dresses for a royal princess

Vintage wedding dresses takes us back to the 1920’s era of lavished silhouettes wearing delightful expensive pieces of pure satin and silk. Whereas, when we talk about the bridesmaid dresses, those were quite compelling piece of simple art made up of high quality nets and laced over on pure satin and silk. Seems like a ball gown for a Disney Princess.


Vintage wedding dresses are considered as the most elegant dresses from the royal era. A piece of cloth perfectly wrapped around the upper body part attached with an extra voluminous jacquard frock style drapes down the waistline. A waistline is cinched by a belt attached with the dress, forming an elegant bow on the back. The dress use to be long touching the floor.


The vintage wedding dresses are termed as something very precious. Nowadays, many popular bridesmaid dress designers are making these dresses with pretty alluring patterns that resembles the typical vintage wedding dresses.

Usually netted quarter sleeves or capped sleeves are a symbol of retro era dress. However, strapless dresses are more or less the edited version of vintage wedding dresses.

The fabric used in preparation of these dresses is often satin and silk adorned beautifully with netted fabric and laces; and sometimes chicken fabric is also used.

The vintage wedding dresses are prepared using cold color range; white, off-white, crème color and sometimes a very light brownish tinged color perfectly representing the retro-style dress of vintage era.

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