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Wear a tank top to give you a cool ans chic look

Wear a tank top to give you a cool ans chic look

A tank Top is a shirt without sleeves worn by both men and women depending on the style. They can be used as undershirts with suits or dress shirts or just worn alone without any top shirt in hot and humid weather. Tank tops are usually casual wear mainly worn to beat the heat or while doing some household chores. They are often worn by athletes while playing a sport like basketball or football. Usually tank tops have large armholes and a big neckline, but now these tops have low necks with shoulder straps of different widths worn by both sexes.

Tank tops for women come in a large variety of designs and colors and can be worn with shorts, skirts or jeans. The styles are varied like scoop neck, spaghetti straps, camisoles, ribbed and cropped styles, racer backs and many more flowy and soft styles. These tops can be long or short according to the designs. The short tops are till the waistband of jeans or even shorter showing your midriff, while the long ones can be long enough to cover your hips. Men can wear tank tops when they want to show off their biceps or triceps. In fact tops for men need to be made in a way to stand the most strenuous and demanding training sessions. Sometimes tank tops come with graphic designs and fonts, and you can even customize a top with a personal design of your choice.

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