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Wear espadrille shoes to get a stylish and chic look

Wear espadrille shoes to get a stylish and chic look

Wardrobe of any man or women is incomplete without a pair of perfect shoes which compliment your clothing for various occasions round the year. A perfect shoe for both formal and casual occasions is a pair of Espadrille shoes. It creates a unique fashion statement along with being extremely comfortable to wear. It is basically a pair of casual shoes originated in the Pyrenees which have an upper made up of cotton fabric and a flexible sole usually made up of a rubber material which is soft and durable wear. Only by looking at the sole you will be able to differentiate the Espadrille shoes out of hundreds of pairs of shoes.

The name of the shoes is derived from a french word which exists in fashion since 14th Century. The basic structure of the shoes is that the upper part is made up of canvas and toes are seamed up with a rope. The lace of these shoes is tied up around the ankle to provide strength while walking. It is for both men and women and are in huge demand that is the reason manufacturers are coming up with the latest designs and colors of Espadrille shoes to attract more number of buyers.

The material of the shoes is generally a synthetic fiber which is generally flat, but sometimes available in heels also. The upper of the shoe is available in various shades and colors and different styles ranging from open to semi open to closed style. You will get a huge price range available for Espadrille shoes from inexpensive shoes to designer pair .There are many designer brands, designing shoes for both men and women ,you can visit the stores to get a glimpse of these designer shoes.

There are two factors important while choosing Espadrille shoes. If you are looking for shoes with heels, but still comfortable you can go for Espadrille .These footwear shades blend easily with summer clothing due to a range of natural shades offered by the designers. Espadrille Wedges will provide your height without compromising on the comfort level of the footwear .Ankle straps in the wedges will provide you stability and comfort while wearing for longer hours.

Flat footwear cannot be replaced by any other style of heels .They are best to get a chic and funky look with casual clothing. You will find these shoes easily available in the market else you can check online stores to get the best deals for high price designer shoes. If you can wait for sales or offers you will get the branded shoes at affordable prices through huge discounts offers at the time of sale.

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