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What to pair with gold dresses?

What to pair with gold dresses?

Gold is bold. Gold is rich. Gold is glamour. Well for all the reasons, when it comes to gold dresses, a woman cannot resist wearing it to a party. Gold dresses are so attractive and no matter what the complexion of a woman is, this is one color that suits with everyone. Gold has this magical power to lit up the party mood and make it even more glamorous. Whenever you choose a gold dress to wear, the choice of accessories is definitely a difficult one to make. Here are few simple tips on what things can you pair with your gorgeous gold dress:

  1. Clutch and bracelets: You can choose a shimmery or mirror-finish clutch. If it has a golden touch, it would be just so perfect. To look more perfect, wear a heavy bracelet in black and gold combination.
  2. Neckpiece: If your dress is high neck you can skip wearing a neckpiece. But if you at all wish to wear one, try wearing a long one. Make sure the neckpiece is not gold. Anything that is black or dark greyish silver will go with your gold.
  3. Heels: Golden high heels would be a perfect combination. But depending on your dress, glittery black heels would do to. Avoid wearing flats unless you really have good height with gold dress.
  4. Earrings: If your dress is very shiny and shimmery, you could at times avoid with earrings. In that case leave your hair open and have a heavy eye make-up.

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