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What you need to know about running shoes

What you need to know about running shoes

Choosing right shoes have always been problem but having specific needs can narrow it down. Different shoes are for different purposes like walking shoes are for walking, football shoes are to playing football only and running shoes for running purposes. Although everyone has different physical shape, size and weight of feet and the surface on which they are to run on yet there are some attributes which may be used to select the various running shoe according to their shapes. On the basis of some attributes diverse people categorize them in different ways commonly running shoes may be categorize as: stability shoes, motion control shoes, cushioned shoes and barefoot shoes.

Stability shoes are recommended for people who have small to just normal arches and over-pronate, means that their feet tend to roll inwards while running. Therefore these are manufactured with good support and mid cushioning.

Motion control shoes can be regarded as other category of shoes. These have the most support and cushion than any other shoe category and recommended for flat feet or who runs heavily.

Cushioned or Neutral shoes require a little bit of cushioning recommended for people having minimal pronation and regarded as having neutral gait.

Barefoot shoes as name implies have too little or no cushioning support. These are just to protect the feet as many people think that they are more efficient when running without shoes.

There might be other categories to work on which may increase their running. There are different brands which manufacture almost every type of running shoes and some focus on one type or other. So every shoe is not for everyone and one should consult the expert or coach in this regard.

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