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Why white skinny jeans are better?

Why white skinny jeans are better?

What is the first colour that comes in your head when you listen to the word Jeans? Ya that’s right! Blue. Whenever the topic of jeans arises the most obvious color is blue. Now are the times when people presume that if it’s a jeans then it’s blue. There was a time when bell bottoms were in fashion. But today skinny jeans are in fashion. They give a very good feel around legs and showcase the beauty of it. The risk with bell bottoms or wide bottoms was that they touched the ground frequently and in this process they wore out soon at bottoms. This made them less likely to be used. Today we do not face such issues with skinny jeans. But why blue always? Blue is done to death now. If you want stay in fashion and want to look different, try different. White skinny jeans give an amazing look. White is a color which will go with many others, so you need not worry about the combinations. White skinny jeans paired with dark tops or jackets will give you a trendy look. Not only will this look different but also beautiful. Moreover white clothes do not heat up the body like black does. So this could be the best option to don in summer. Many Hollywood actors and actresses have been boldly wearing these jeans at various occasions and places. White skinny jeans is better than blue because it is more casual, comfortable, beautiful, formal and classy. Do you need more reasons to try white skinny jeans?

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