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Your go-to guide on tennis shoes

Your go-to guide on tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are often the shoes that has to undergo quite tough rigors. It need to face up against the constant movements on the courts. The back and forth coverage of the court, the side-to-side coverage, the lunging all form part of the tough endurance task that a tennis shoe goes through.

We’ve seen people step into the tennis court with their running shoes. Well that would just be stop-gap solution. Why leave your fate to such non-accustomed shoes. You won’t want to compromise on your game, do you?

We here put forth our views as to why tennis shoes are important.

  • Their build quality
  • Tennis shoes are designed with extra lateral supports to balance out the tough endurance tests. Tennis shoes provide the stability in cross-field movements. They are often built with stiffer and heavier materials to prevent the stumbling and sliding of the foot.
  • Provide speed and zip
  • Tennis shoes provide the speed to let a player quickly move in the game. Its superior grip provides greater zip quality which helps in effective maneuver of the player. As it is a fast-paced game, no one would want to languish behind due to some oddly built shoes. Look for the tennis shoes for superior performance on the pitch.
  • Durable
  • As the tennis shoes has to go through tough tasks of the court, it often made to last long. With the friction of the court to battle out, these shoes come in with high durability purpose. There’s a rule of thumb which states that a tennis shoes should last at least 500 miles. That’s quite handy, ain’t it?

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