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Your guide to wearing khaki pants

Your guide to wearing khaki pants

Khakis are the clothing perennials that are quite essential for any wardrobes. Its popularity began after the World War II, where people surged to wear the same smart-looing pants worn by the military personnel.

It’s versatile in nature as it can go with any formal or casual wear on top. What started as just a colour of tan (the dust), now boasts its repertoire with varying colors. Made from the natural fibers as linen, cotton and wool, it fits perfectly as the comfortable and reliable clothing pieces.

We here outline you on how to wear your khaki pants the best way.

  • The right fit
  • As is the case with any one the clothing materials, you need just the right fit to dress smartly. As khakis go with both casual and formal trends look for a trim-fit ones. And don’t forget to fit the length of the pants as required. This may have a big knock-on effect.
  • The right top-wear
  • What goes on top of your torso determines how you could look in khaki pants. Try a classic shirt for everyday look. Pair it up with button-down shirts for the formal looks. You may look to add a piece of jacket or blazer as per the occasion to top it off. For summer holidays, pair it up with short-sleeve chambray shirts.
  • The complementary accessories
  • If you’re going for a casual time around, pair your khaki pants with leather belt and causal looking dive watches. For those formal times, you can try knit tie along with appropriate belt. If you have holiday plans, then try stripped rainbow belts or braided leather belts.

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