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Your premium guide on black tie dresses

Your premium guide on black tie dresses

You might have always been perplexed on the idea of black tie dress code. You’ve got an invitation for an evening gala dinner which specifies black dress code. How would you dress for such an occasion?

We shall give you a rundown on how to style yourself for black tie dresses code. Follow the trail.

  • What is black tie dress?
  • It’s a formal dress attire for any evening social function. It’s the gold standard dress code of any formal events. Dressing inappropriate for any black tie event would be a complete faux and blunder.
  • How men should dress?
  • For men, often the black tie dresses means smartly fitted tuxedo with an oxford shoes alongside bow tie. A white dress shirt should always accompany your tuxedo.
  • One thing you won’t want to miss out on is the waist covering. That’s as formal as it gets.
  • This is one piece of clothing where you’d need to be at your very best. Never opt for the cheap looking ones.
  • How women should dress?
  • As it has been the case with men, women black tie dresses etiquette involves a floor-length gown that’s dark colored. Often these gowns are preferred sleeveless.
  • A rightly matched accessory is quite essential, so opt for a smaller elegant looking handbag for such occasions.
  • For the jewelry part, the lesser the minimum theory works wonder. Opt for a neckline jewelry along with hand bracelet. Jewelry adds extra sparkle to your personality.
  • You should always opt for evening shoes with the black tie dress code. Evening shoes with decent heels compliments the dress best.

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