Friday , January 21 2022

Zoom Announces $ 599 Remote Operator Touchscreen Device

Zoom, whose user base exploded with the introduction of COVID-19, expanded to hardware. The company has announced a new touchscreen device to help with remote work. The device, called Zoom For Home – DTEN ME, costs $ 599 and will ship in August.

The DTEN ME is a 27-inch touchscreen device with three intelligent webcams and eight built-in noise-reducing microphones. It is preinstalled with the zoom software. Zoom does not create the hardware. The product is from DTEN, a San Jose-based company that manufactures video conferencing equipment.

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The DTEN seems to have a fairly simple interface that provides quick access to Zoom's various features, including meetings, whiteboards, and contacts. It also syncs with your calendar and shows your upcoming meetings in a menu. (You can tap one to jump in.) If you need to share your screen, you can use ultrasound pairing to connect the DTEN to your phone or laptop TechCrunch.

While $ 599 may seem like a high price to a zoom caller if you can already zoom from a phone or computer, the idea seems to be that it is an easy way for newly removed employees to get straight into zoom without having to having to worry about installing the software or setting up complex devices.

The DTEN is the first device to be certified with Zoom for Home, a category of hardware and software products that, according to Zoom, are optimized for home offices. Zoom said TechCrunch that it will be launched in the future with other partners including the Neat Bar and the Poly Studio X series.

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